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Dark secret, 2016 - rosa mesa
Toronto, Canadá

Dark secret, 2016 - rosa mesa

Dark secrets talks about the violence that existed in our societies against women. Statistics show all over the world alarming rates of rape from which is very little awareness. The first presentation of this piece in Spain denounced the 1289 rapes that took place in the country in 2014. These rapes have been communicated to the police and certified by a doctor. Experts believe that there are much more and that this number does not reflect the reality.

The silence of all the women that for different reasons (shame, guilt, pain, fear…) could not make a complaint is broken by the ones that can do it. All over the world this negligible actions take place without a real outcry, hidden under the weight of hundreds of years of patriarchy.

Dark secrets brings to the streets this secret kept in our societies, the secret of a terrible violence against women through the act of the rape. Dark secrets take the streets to demand the society to deal with this old and terrible form of violence, to take more action from our governments and to be more aware of this serious problem and to put end to these horrible practices.

Lina Cino

Public performance

8 October 2016 at 12:00 pm.
Gates of Trinity Bellwoods Park

Image: Thomas Peter Proffe

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