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Francesca Martí. Migrant Angel

Francesca Martí. Migrant Angel

Initially inspired by her travels to the metropolis of Seoul in Korea, Marti’s works explore such themes as migration, mass movement, communication habits, the impact of the urban environment on our daily lives, the mechanisms of escapism… and they propose how we might reflect upon these issues.

Migrant Angel includes a live performance by Icelandic vocalist Gunnlaug Thorvaldsdottir, who plays the role of the Migrant Angel, a perpetual traveller speaking in foreign tongues, communicating through indecipherable noise and song, using her body as an expressive tool, forever in transit. She also appears in a series of photographicportraits, printed inside satellite dishes, transmitting emotions and a sense of solitude. The performer is lost in a chaotic world of new technology including such communication devices as mobile phones, laptops, surveillance cameras and the Internet.

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