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Venus. Remakes feministas

Venus. Feminist remakes

La historia del arte desde una perspectiva feminista.

The main purpose of Venus. Feminist remakes is the re-appropriation of Art History's classic narrative from a feminist perspective, and the production of new visual narratives. To that end we propose performance, action and remakes as intervention strategies, to defuse and generate new feminist visual narratives based on classic as well as contemporary artworks by so-called geniuses who have been deified by Art History's hegemonic narrative.

Built around a feminist genealogy that is both artistic and theoretical, and drawing on the possibilities that strategies and formats such as remakes, re-appropriations, irony and performance offer to help us de-construct Art History's hegemonic narrative, we have imagined a "Feminist remakes" workshop. Thus the remake works as a political subversion strategy while at the same time affording the participants the chance to re-write the patriarchal history that has left us excluded and objectified, both as women and as artists.

The workshop will be aimed primarily at artists, cultural managers, performers, educators, fine arts and art history students. The number of participants will be limited to 20.


CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

The proposal comprises a workshop in three sessions with one last meeting which will be the public presentation of the completed remakes.


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