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Colectivo Offmothers. Casa tomada

Colectivo Offmothers: House Taken Over

LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

Image: Colectivo OFFmothers, Casa Tomada, 2017 - imagen Piru de la Puente - producción residencia artística en LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

A house or home is not just a physical space but a place that accommodates the whole conceptual weft associated with upbringing, family and the distribution of functions by gender. It is unquestionably the place where biological differences are gradually configured as political inequalities and where women are defined by their condition of mother, spouse and housewife.

Seen in this light, the home hampers, when not completely preventing us from overcoming the domestic. It obstructs progress towards any other project that might transcend its rhythms and habits. But, what would happen if our home stopped being a prison and became a hideout? What would happen if the walls of our domestic spaces were permeable to our personal projects? What would happen if the home were also our workshop, the space proper to our time and our projects?

Casa tomada (House Taken Over) is the Offmothers Collective’s response to these questions. Yet, although in Julio Cortázar’s short story the inhabitants end up abandoning the house in the face of forces that distorted its vital order, in the Offmothers’ Casa tomada the order is distorted in order to endure in it and to explore a new redefinition of the home.

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