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Patricia Domínguez. Llanto cósmico

Patricia Domínguez. Cosmic cry

Twin Gallery

Image: Patricia Domínguez, Líneas cambiaformas, 2018

Patricia Domínguez (b. Santiago, Chile, 1984) identifies and transforms those healing strategies that resort to their own cosmovision, to appease the ailments caused by the ways of being and existing of a society stubbornly focused on its performance.

From the anthropological point of view, humanity has evolved incorporating and reinterpreting traditions.The human being has always needed artifacts or images that supplant reality, thus we could say that reality is understood by the will of this object or image. The referent exists but needs a sign to invoke it. In relation to the signs that a culture handles with the constitution of America -a concept that is born from colonization-, relations of dominion are established far beyond politics and economy when these disappear.

Patricia Domínguez endows her artifacts with a sacred condition of a very personal nature, exceeding the form to turn it into an event. From a practice situated in a Latin American context and sensitive to the extractive policies of raw materials originated in that geography, the work of the Chilean artist reflects the frictions that exist between both worlds, that of the oppressors and the oppressed. Her body of work represents in white collar shirts those who exploit natural resources to turn them into merchandise but who in turn, prisoners of a society of control, resort to the healing powers of ancient cultures that have survived the pyramidal organization of a state that reduces all cultural manifestation into something universal.

The freedom with which Patricia creates an imaginary that escapes any cultural imposition when speaking of identity, makes possible the uncomfortable coexistance of past, present and future. The artist manages the combined pre-Columbian and colonial cultural transference and reinterprets it in aesthetic terms that she describes as "sci-fi suduca - futurism", revealing cosmologies saddened by the excesses committed with nature. Her works not only seek the forces that underlie matter but they also recover a space to consolidate a thought around their own culture that has not had the time to reinforce itself. A culture that knew how to overcome events, to continue latent through the energy of small communities that mocked any centralising force of a pyramidal government.

Patricia Domínguez works from the stimuli that reveal the volatility of the meanings transmitted by our operating systems. Thus, as a list of emoticons, they simplify the psychology of the individual who inhabits the hyper-reality of social networks today. It also shows how the human being is increasingly unable to create its own rites and ceremonies to cultivate spirituality, reducing their capacity for projection to induced customs that enter our eyes through the pixels of the new media.

Violeta Janeiro

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