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¿Ser mujer es un delito?

Alejandra Glez ¿Is it a crime to be a woman?

Alejandra Glez

Image: Alejandra Glez, The head is the new nude, 2017

Throughout my career as an artist my work has orbited around a fundamental axis: the female nude. However in my particular case I am interested in embedding it in the background by presenting it before the public eye in an absolutely natural manner while shifting all the attention to wrapped faces, hidden as a pattern that repeats itself over and over again.

Within The head is the new nude, for example, concealing the photographed’s head is an idea that interests me as a metaphor, from which I tackle the root of all discriminatory discourses. The fact of assuming a particular social projection is highly determined by who we are, our way of thinking and the events we have experienced throughout our lives. Here is where our discourses, approaches and attitudes come from. This is a series in which I invite the viewers to look inside, to stop judging the nakedness of the body and begin to divest and disrobe themselves of all their mental conflicts.

Alejandra Glez (1996, Habana, Cuba)

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