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Celeste Garrido. Tus ojos dicen lo que tu boca calla.

Celeste Garrido. Your eyes tell what your mouth silences


Image: Celeste Garrido Olvido, 2009

Celeste Garrido (Marín, Pontevedra, 1972) has extensive experience in research and exhibition projects closely related to identity and gender issues. Specifically designed for the MARCO, Your eyes tell what your mouth silences comprises a careful selection of mostly new produced works in different formats which build a story around the body as material, medium, subject and receiver, with special mention to the female body and to the dress as symbol.

Committed as an artist and as a woman, Garrido’s projects are developed from a feminist perspective and a critical stance. The artist appeals to the viewer and make them complicit with that commitment.

Celeste Garrido deals with the body as a conceptual issue, with special attention to the dress. The dressed body is the subject's body and through this clothing, data such as gender, social and cultural condition become exposed. Through clothing we publicly disclose an identity, and in Garrido’s work dress becomes vital, precisely because it is one of the differentiating mechanisms which conform female clothing.

Her project Nupcial [Bridal], which spans a number of works, considers the bridal dress as a symbol of marriage within a patriarchal system underlying in our culture and that exercises a clear dominance over the woman still today, conditioning her freedom and her autonomy.

Her artistic discourse arises from the relationship between the creative experience and the feminine condition. By incorporating objects from everyday life and organic materials into her work –especially those for domestic use such as honey, jelly, grapes or 'rose petals’—, Garrido alludes to the fragility of the body, the passing of time, and the changing nature of things; instability, together with the idea of beauty that persists in our collective imaginary directly refers to desire and seduction. Garrido’s works often allude to a woman whose actions are conditioned by someone else’s gaze, with an emotional dependence, which makes her own will to vanish.

In recent months, Celeste Garrido has developed a new artistic project which reflects on child abuse with special attention to sexual abuse on children and adolescents. Called Infancias rotas [Broken Infancies] in reference to the book of the same title written by María Martínez Sagrera. Her project confronts the abuse of minors through artistic creation, denouncing the living hell that boys and especially girls face for just being born a girl in some developing countries. But Garrido also aims to expose a reality of silenced episodes of child abuse that take place around us, under an appearance of kind normality, which irreversibly hurt some people in the depths of their being. They eventually destroy their childhood. and will condition their life forever, especially when these events occur within the inner circle of the child like family or school.

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