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Fake Magazines. Nuria Carrasco

Fake Magazines. Nuria Carrasco

13 ESPACIOarte. Centro de Arte y Creación Contemporánea

Image: Nuria Carrasco, KALAS pagina interior

FAKE MAGAZINES is a project where photography occupies a dominant position. The photographs go beyond documentary photography and use the printed image in publication format as a receptacle for social and cultural ideas and opinions, as a record of the times we live in. The materiality of the magazine underlines the character and mood of the places and environments in which they were created. It may be anodyne to refer to magazines as time capsules, but they really do encapsulate very specific periods and circumstances. They transform multiples into art objects, transform social and cultural representations into aesthetic artefacts. Herein lies its provocative potential.

Berta Sichel

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