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Dones IMpertinents | Mujeres IMpertinentes
Sant Cugat del Vallès

IMpertinent Women

Núria Benet

Who decides that a woman's voice is not relevant, or that what a woman says or does is out of place or irreverent? And, in any case, irreverent for whom? Throughout history and still today, many women's voices have been silenced because they were not considered relevant.

This project is made by women, about women and dedicated to all those women who at some point in their lives have been called impertinent.

I started by reading eight books written by women or in which women are the protagonists:

Women of Bombay. India of the Bravest, by Jaume Sanllorente.

Little Deaths, by Mireia Sallarés.

“En clave de mujer”, from the Collserola Foundation: Natza Farré, Jaume Funes, Marta Segarra and Amelia Valcárcel.

Impertinent Letters from Woman to Woman, by Maria Aurèlia Capmany.

We Should All be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

The Braid, by Laetitia Colombani.

El silencio de los telares. Ser mujer en las colonias textiles catalanas, by Assumpta Montellà.

Bodies That Still Matter by Judith Butler.

Breus CCCB, linked to the CCCB exhibition on feminisms.

After reading these books, I cut with a paper guillotine all the sentences and mixed them up, establishing a new dialogue. Then, we machine sewed all the phrases using red thread. These phrases take on a new meaning when connected with each other.

With this new thread and knitting needles, I composed a web of paper and words that occupies different spaces impertinently, like an oil stain that advances and invades everything.

For this first phase of the project, I had the collaboration of a group of twelve women from the ARED Foundation that works to achieve social and labor integration of people in situations of social exclusion.

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