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Maribel Domènech. Acciones cotidianas

Maribel Domènech. Acciones cotidianas

Centre del Carme. Valencia

The day-to-day, women’s experiences, private life and its emotions and interwoven relationships, feminism and the commitment attached to daily experiences and memory in a local community and in a town to come, guided by eco-feminist consciousness along with the impetus to narrate it, make up the interdisciplinary journey of the sculptor Maribel Domènech.

This exhibition “Acciones Cotidianas” traces a journey that both begins and ends by bringing together works from her earliest period, when Maribel Domènech established her field of artistic endeavour firmly within her daily life as a woman. Over the last decade it has included tributes to female neighbours, the brave women of the El Cabanyal neighbourhood, and her collaborative work with women in refugee camps in the Western Sahara weaving fabric wraps. A circular journey is thus completed, a journey that is firmly situated within the context of personal commitment and lived experiences.

Image: The Martí sisters, as heroines of resistance carrying kitchen utensils for ‘caceroladas’ (pot-banging protests), are the protagonists of a photograph produced in a box-camera and shown at the MuVIM for the occasion of the exhibition Dones valentes (Brave Women)  in 2018. The artist stated: “When you speak about social movements, about going out into the street to protest or vindicate something, people tend to think that we are talking about the actions of young people and mainly men. The reality is, however, that most of these protests are carried out by women and, in very significant numbers, older women. With my work I wanted to honour these older women who have not lost the spirit of rebellion or their fighting spirit”.

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