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Estudio sobre desigualdad de género en el sistema del arte en España.

Study on gender inequality in the Spanish visual arts. system

Marta Pérez Ibáñez in collaboration with Carolina Rodovalho and Semíramis González.

Image: Marina Vargas, Las líneas del destino. Tarot-Cards, Siete de Oros, 2016. Phtotograph by Zdenek Tusek. Caja Rural of Jaén Collection.

Gender inequality in Spanish contemporary art is a wide and diverse problem that is being analysed and discussed in academic, institutional and curatorial circles, just as it is being addressed in the development of specific critical artistic processes in recent years.

This research explores the circumstances in which Spanish women artists develop their activity, will review their presence and visibility in museums, art centers, galleries and art fairs and will analyse how this inequality is perceived from within the art system and from involved professional fields.

WEBEstudio sobre desigualdad de género en el sistema del arte en España

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