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La mujer invisible. Cristina Busto

The Invisible Woman. Cristina Busto

LABoral | Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

Image: Cristina Busto, La mujer invisible, 2019

The Invisible Woman is based on “The Independent Woman”, the final chapter of Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex, a part of the book with which the artist particularly identifies. In it, the author describes a generation of women who have won important social and work battles but still need to continue fighting to achieve full equal rights.

As an artist and a woman living at the current moment in time, Cristina Busto wishes to take co-responsibility, through her art practice, in the conquest of this territory that belongs to us, creating new symbols and points of reference that represent all women.
La mujer invisible uses “conventional” animation mixed with real images in a highly plastic process of editing. Part of the material in the final video engages with street art in the form of stencils and stickers with the image of Simone de Beauvoir and her statements, which continue to make demands but this time on the walls of the city of Avilés, where the artist lives.

In La mujer invisible, Cristina Busto once again speaks of herself and exhibits herself as an artwork, in her everyday life, her reality, her confusion, her maturity, reflecting on fashion, age, femininity, sorority, sensuality, love and solitude.

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