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The Lise Meitner Concept

The Lise Meitner Concept

Rosell Meseguer

The Lise Meitner Concept is a research proposal and addition to Rosell Meseguer´s project on the Periodic Table of the Elements and the only woman included in it: the Austrian theoretical physicist Lise Meitner and her radioactive element: meitnerium.

The elements of the periodic table and especially rare earths and radioactive elements, are part of a geopolitical reading. This proposal investigates questions derived from the elements in areas such as technology, the economy and society, to later include this study in a dictionary or Vade Mecum.

With this project Meseguer contributes to make visible the historical importance of Lise Meitner; her relationship with these two groups of the periodic table, her work as a physicist and the injustice she suffered throughout her life. The publication or Vade Mecum (Quadra Minerale) incorporates support for all those women who have been essential in the construction of the periodic table of elements and who, with rare exceptions such as Marie Curie, have been made to a lesser or greater extent invisible.

The publication is the result of the project of the Tierras Raras (Rare Earth), which combines theoretical research and art production. In 2021, the project will continue its course thanks to the GlogauaIR Residency in Berlin, and an exhibition curated by John A. Rodríguez (Bogotá).

The project also enjoys the support of the Illustrious Official College of Geologists, Madrid, with the collaboration of its director Manuel Regueiro and treasurer Ester Boixereu; and the Botín Santander Grant.


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