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Ellas Hacen Ruido - Panorama Internacional

They make noise - International Overview

Natalia Piñuel in collaboration with Magdalena Dávila

Image: @Las Lindas Pobres, 2020

The main idea and objective of this publication is to chart a deep historical journey, from the female pioneers of electronic culture to the women producers, composers and DJs of today. The aim is to generate a broad spectrum around these artistic practices and thus give them greater visibility.

In the manner of an encyclopedia, They Make Noise - International Panorama, aims to become a reference document in the field by providing additional information to the fanzine published in 2014 that, under the same title, delved into Spanish women electronic music artists.

Throughout this work we can observe a critical reflection about how this history has been addressed without a gender perspective. It starts from a transversal perspective, considering not only the chronological development, but also the different styles and disciplines of existing electronic music and their links in the territory, in order to generate debate and a broader vision for future readers.

The presentation of the publication will take place in the Sala Rotor Discos, a reference space for Madrid electronic music, together with Andrés Noarbe, curator and manager of Rotor and Geometrik Records; Natalia Piñuel, author of the publication, and Magui Dávila, editor.

Zoom presentation @ROTOR DISCOS
-in Spanish-

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