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Paloma Orts Pascual | Miriam Domènech Santacreu

Thirteen women dressed in black spin on their own axis while holding two metal buckets full of water (life) and ashes (death) in order to plunge into a state of catharsis, generating an extreme force born from the heartbeats of the women who, united, transition from silence to speech. The action reunites them with their inner selves, revealing the shadows and lights of the subconscious.

If there is no transit and no real confrontation with the shadows, there is no light. In the same way that if there is no death, there is no life. We need temperance in the face of fear, in the face of the paralysis we experience when death is near.

XIII is a proposal by Paloma Orts, accompanied by the artistic mediation of Miriam Domènech. The action was carried out for the first time on January 3rd at the Bridge of the Seven Moons, a transit space located in one of the areas of the Carrascal de Alcoy Natural Park, following a call launched to the community through social networks.

On March 13th, XIII was activated again at the IVAM CADA in Alcoy, thirteen women accompanied by a cellist, facing fear in a dance of life, a life for all and of all.


The action is followed by an archival work based on the audio-visual record and the testimony of the thirteen participating women. An account of their personal relationship with death. XIII becomes a space where the body and word unite with the extrasensory and emotional world. An audio-visual imaginary that will have been documented and that will be shown online and in a presentation at the IVAM CADA in Alcoy.

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