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Consejo de sabias. Sra. Polaroiska.

Council of wise women. Sra. Polaroiska.


Focusing on the empowerment and reference building from a gender perspective, the artistic collective proposes the Council of wise women cycle. An experience through an intimate pleasant vehicle where complicity and affection are the tools for conveying knowledge. A series of meetings with senior women, professionals such as anthropologists, physicists, writers, engineers, biologists, composers, film-makers, artists, poets, teachers, hairdressers, seamstresses, nurses, and bon vivant opportunists, among others.

In each session there is a leitmotif which depends on the guest, for example -a meal or drink- in the form of beverages, teas, herbal teas, concoctions, pastries and afternoon teas, as a tribute to those gatherings traditionally held at home and parlours, where advice and knowledge were shared. With this formula, the artists aim to overthrow the devaluation and contempt shown for these gatherings and spaces, to recover and extrapolate them to the public area thereby reclaiming their value.

Their work revolves around experimental cinema, action art, scenic creation and choreography. They received the Gure Artea 2017 Award for their creative activity, and their scenic and audio-visual works have been exhibited at numerous Art Centres and International Festivals, like Artium Museum, Reina Sofía Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Cervantes Institute in Stockholm, Manchester, Festival des Cinémas Différents in Paris, Casa Encendida, and Bilbao Art Foundation, among others.

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