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Daniela Libertad. Casa Conchita, 402

Daniela Libertad. Casa Conchita, 402

NF / Nieves Fernández

Image: Daniela Libertad, Ensayo sobre circunferencia 16, 2017

Daniela Libertad (Mexico City, 1983) strains the notions of territory with a delicate perception, both intangible and ordinary. The use of different media allows the artist to confront immaterial elements and geometrical forms with mundane objects and the actual body of the artist. This leads to exploring not only the mystical and ethereal characters of such components, but also of concrete aspects such as weight, density and touch. In those exercises of tension, the artist invigorates the mixture of apparently opposing fields, between the physical and the mental or the abstract and the figurative towards a precarious balance among the parts that, eventually, informs us on the fragile and ordinary condition.


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