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Cambiarse el nombre. Taller queer

Cambiarse el nombre. Taller queer

CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

Image: María Eugenia Serrano Díez

If I change my name, do I change? If I wear high heels does my body change? If I pose like a boy for a photo, am I different? Can a set of gestures be the sign of identity for a group? When was the last time that someone made you feel queer?

In this two-session workshop we will question the idea of normality from a feminist and queer perspective, setting out a path marked by concepts like beauty, identity, desire, corporality, ableism, race, class and so on. For this purpose, we will experiment with action and work with the body, and we will revisit the various positions art has taken on these issues, focusing particularly on works by artists included in exhibitions currently on show at the museum. In this way, from a critical and creative position, we will begin a process of creation of the image that will allow us to escape the imperatives of gender and sexuality that populate our imaginary.

Open to final cycle of secondary schools
The first 2-hour session to be arranged with the school.
The second session will be held at CA2M from 11:00 to 13:30

Max. number of students: 30

Download form and return by email to

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