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ENCLAVE Land Art residencias
Vistabella del Maestrat

ENCLAVE Land Art residencies

Image: Silvina Soria, Pilgrimage. From the Series Inner Territories. Junio-Julio 2018

Enclave Land Art Residency 2018 takes place at Penyagolosa’s Natural Park. This second edition follows the first one’s concept, Land Art as core idea and the artistic residency’s format.

The Artistic Residency in Vistabella del Maestrat is a project with international impact. Enclave collaborates with local inhabitants to provide a real and material benefit to the territory of Penyagolosa’s Natural Park. The goal is to increase the area’s resources and contribute to spread the idea of a sustainable and respectful dialogue with nature considering landscape as heritage.

In this second edition the concept focuses in the relationship of human being with nature considered as a living element.

Two iconic sites characterise the natural park and enlighten the versions of the nature's symbolic representation made by human being: San Joan and Santa Ágata’s sanctuary and Penyagolosa’s peak. These two representative places lead to routes, legends and devotions along the centuries. Following this symbolical idea, Enclave proposes to celebrate this residency during summer solstice, on the 24th of June, the shortest night of the year and when these two kind of allegories happen at the same time thanks to pagan and religious rites.

Playing with these two elements and their iconography, the artists will make an interpretation of these signs and what all this millenary’s symbology means to them, bringing it to their own research within Contemporary Land Art’s context.

Sunčica Pasuljević
My work at Penyagolosa focuses on our connection to the spaces and places that surround us. The idea is to represent the experience of the natural environment through collected thoughts, sound, written texts, impressions, etc. The whole idea is to make visitors more aware of the place that surrounds them -the things that we see everywhere but to which we don´t pay attention anymore-, or guide them to explore it in a new way.

Silvina Soria
Pilgrimage, from the Inner Territories series, creates an experience, both aesthetic and playful, that gives us the opportunity to think about our personal journeys as a symbol of life itself and its obstacles. On how much can we decide on our own path and how much comes from outside.

Milagros Arias
Puerta al sol
The proposal is to build a solar observatory with the intention of returning to an ancestral rite made by different cultures around the world that maintained a close relationship with the sun and their natural environment. The act of travelling, walking and pilgrimage are practices that are strictly involved in the project as part of the artistic process and as an aesthetic aspect in itself.

Justin Tyler
G(N)ASH is part a work of land art, and part an installation which breaks the homogeneity of the landscape to create a hybrid that is both environment and architecture, establishing a symbiotic relationship between nature and culture.

Helga Pavskan
A collaborative process with a final product based on a specific narrative and photographic material. The process includes a compilation of interviews, not exactly documentary, yet open, deep, and using ethnographical methods –anonymous or signed-. The narrative part is a diary including photos and notes, stories from the interviews, all framed within a theory based on a cultural analysis dedicated to the context: nature-people-sacred-landscape-art-myth- purpose.

François Davin
El Arca del Agua
The project is to build an Ark to save the Water, like Noah built one to save God’s creation from the Deluge. It takes into account the sacredness given to Water by the Pelegrins de Les Useres in their prayers to the Sanctuary of Sant Joan de Penyagolosa. El Arca del Agua is a visual project involving the population of Vistabella del Maestrat.

Ana Meneses
All is one
My project is a performance with religious and pagan components with the aim of putting together traditions and ancestral knowledge as a syncretic action. It’s intended to be a participatory event in which we come back to ancient local practices and our own primal knowledge as humans in a contemporary manner to re-connect with the fundamental experience of life.

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