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Image: Kae Newcomb, Biblioteca sumergida, 2016 - Photo: José Ferrero Villares

INMODERATUS is a project full of symbolism, and as the title indicates, unruliness and immoderation. All of this allows for feelings and images to emerge and thereby establish suggestive perspectives on memory, context, and action, amongst other things, all of which revolve around nature and the relationship of the individual to nature.

The artists, Tonía Trujillo, Elisa Torreira, Isabel Cuadrado and Kae Newcomb, present a series of recent works that shares a deep questioning of the established order as the basis for constructing a new and that creates awareness beyond purely aesthetic concerns, without dispensing with the beauty of simplicity.

Tonia Trujillo nurtures the hope of obtaining alternative perspectives that defy and challenge the established order with Cross the Line (Cruzar la línea). Her work attempts to shed light on the manipulation to which we are subjected to by power structures, "What is not seen.", and the importance of building our own knowledge without getting carried away by trends or politically correct thinking. Her work delves into the social character of art, supported conceptually by the philosophers Adorno and Horkheimer, for whom authentic art must be configured as a place of resistance. In this way, it opens the door to a world of worlds without conditions.

The work of Elisa Torreira evokes in us rocky seawalls and silky sand. There is something astonishingly intriguing about this seascape, inviting us to be trapped by that ancestral force that leads us to the sea, from the general to the particular and vice versa, floating in a tangle of handmade objects that are full of intimacy. Where harshness serves to invoke sweetness, we find spherical forms that seem to create an organic fabric. The works pulse and throb, containing in essence water, earth, and the void that holds the incessant waiting of those people who assume that living is adapting to change, that the beach is sometimes a desert with sandstorms, and that the tide goes up and down but always flows.

Isabel Cuadrado takes up an open path in this sense with Traces (Trazas), a project begun as a collaboration with the People's Museum of Asturias. The artist draws silhouettes of objects from the collection to create a new perspective using a mixture of ethnographic objects (from the Museum) and technological objects (now). In this way, the project incorporates silhouettes of technological elements that refer to the gestures that make us dependent on multiple objects throughout the day.

Kae Newcomb works to educate respect for the environment, creating work directly related to ecology and aspects in need of urgent revision. Adorno spoke of the disintegration of materials, Newcomb delves into the fact that we share resources like water and air, but we do not share the costs of its mismanagement, working with materials that refer to the organic to subtly point out these problems on a large scale and equate them with a more humane scale.

Marisol Salanova

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