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María Cañas. La Cosa Vuestra

María Cañas. Its your thing

CAF. Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía

Image: María Cañas, La cosa vuestra, 2018

La Cosa Vuestra is a journey towards the most hidden and surrealist side of the San Fermin festivals. Fun and stark reality working on iconographic cannibalism. What have the San Fermin Festivals become and where are they headed?

This guerrilla video shows drifting heterodoxies and hybridizations, savage visions and palpitations of the Navarra idiosyncrasy, from the “video machine” and the “laughter technique”. It is a critical montage of the aesthetic, ritual and cultural universe of Pamplona. It is an empowering reflection compared with the violence exerted against women.

La Cosa Vuestra tries to reinvent imaginaries through activation hacking, video-collage, grotesqueness, futuristic dystopia and the transgression of film, popular culture and the media.

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