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Marta PCampos. Proyecto 1914-2014

Marta PCampos. Proyecto 1914-2014

MUSAC. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León

This show presents the two core elements of 1914 – 2014, the project Marta PCampos (Zaragoza, 1990) has been working on since 2016. First of all, we have the artist book of all the words eliminated from Diccionario de la lengua española (Dictionary of the Spanish Language) over a period of one hundred years; and, secondly, the online forum and public domain that recovers and experiments with the forms and meanings of those rejected words.

What happens with all these words? Would it be possible to find a new use for some of them? The online forum wishes to recover, lend visibility to and experiment with words that have disappeared from use. For the forum, Marta PCampos compiled a list of the words that were no longer included in the edition of the Dictionary published in 2014. Afterwards, she looked up in the Nuevo Tesoro Lexicográfico de la Lengua Española (New Lexicographic Treasure of the Spanish Language) and transcribed each meaning together with the word in question. Apart from this official meaning of each word, the project also encourages experimentation.

A desktop and nine files promote the use and popularity of the online forum. This space contains the words alongside their meanings, and the years of their first and last appearance. To some degree, they are ready to be used once again. They are all open to reinterpretation, to posing questions on the capacity to be reused and not to be completely forgotten, although some words are luckier than others and are still alive in our language and in the different places we inhabit.

This exhibition is the end result of a broad-ranging programme of activities which, after landing in León, has enabled different people to add their personal visions and experiences to the project. A series of workshops were held during the month of April at DEAC/MUSAC in conjunction with Los Pequeamigos and Laura G. Bécares, where children were able to come up with new lives for many words which are more than likely completely unknown to most people. Then, during the month of May, adults had a chance to add some of the words contained in 1914 – 2014 to Wiktionary, with the help of the museum’s Library/Documentation Centre and the collaboration of Wikimedia Spain. In addition, the proposal was presented by Marta PCampos together with Camino Román, Pilar García Moutón and Jaime Vallaure at the book fair in León. And finally, for the opening of this exhibition, Marta PCampos and Giusseppe Domínguez prepared a performance exploring the sounds of words now considered to be dead.

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