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Microhistorias de la diáspora. Experiencias encarnadas de la dispersión femenina

Microhistories of the Diaspora «Embodied» experiences of female dispersion

La Virreina. Centre de la Imatge

Image: © Hélène Amouzou

Microhistories of the Diaspora intends to create a space that permits us to question, to reconsider and to listen from a common epistemology: that of racialized, migrant women, but also that of «those who stay put», all those who dissent from hegemonic narratives and from their discriminatory, static subaltern condition through their activists' stories, their gnosiologies of Southern identities, their literary voices, their self-referential and artistic wisdoms. The women in this project want to understand the impact of economic, political, cultural and psychic processes in the everyday life of each subject. They also describe their own experience inside these multiple intersections, through fruitful dialogues in multiple perspectives and analytic structures.



Wednesday, March 14th, 7pm
Espai 4
Avtar Brah
Inherent differences: a diasporic perspective
Moderated by Brigitte Vasallo, with the participation of Lola López (Comisionada de Inmigración, Interculturalidad y Diversidad del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona)

Thrusday, March 15th, 7pm
Virreina LAB
Microhistories – concealed fragilities
A multidisciplinary space
With Kira Bermúdez, Úrsula Santa Cruz, Anyely Marín Cisneros and Najat El Hachmi

Friday, March 16th, 7pm
Virreina LAB
Gabriela Wiener. Visuals by Adiva Koenigsberg
The Poetics of Migration. Recital


Tuesday, June 19th, 7pm
Virreina LAB
Microhistories – alienating social myths of everyday life
A multidisciplinary space
With Karo Moret Miranda, Carlos Delclos, Cristina Velázquez and Rebecca Close

Wednesday, June 20th, 6.30pm
Virreina LAB
Daniela Ortiz and Sirin Adlbi Sibai
Identities and Resistence
Moderated by Tania Adam

Thursday, June 21th, 7pm
Virreina LAB
Beatriz Leal Riesco
Affection, anxiety and fractures of estrangement – «accented cinema»


Wednesday, November 7th, 7pm
Virreina LAB
Microhistories – obsolete re/presentations
A multidisciplinary space
With Duen Sacchi, Lucía Piedra Galarraga, Remei Sipi and Nadia Ghulam

Thursday, November 8th, 7pm
Virreina LAB
Microhistories – activism from otherness
A multidisciplinary space
With Brigitte Vasallo, Paqui Perona, Rosa Sánchez and Bombo N’dir

Pratibha Parmar
Sexual dissent and black feminisms inside the black british movements (1979-nowadays) 
Moderated by Rebecca Close

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