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Escamas bajo la piel

Escamas bajo la piel

Ateneo de Málaga

Image: "Escamas bajo la piel", by Marta Troya. Photographer (made for the exhibition poster): Panamá Díaz.


From March 1st to April 19th, 2024

Mermaids are one of the most mistreated mythological beings of the past, as through them, the image of the man-devouring woman has been blurred countless times. Our past, as a species and as individuals, is composed of punished stories, events that we narrate to ourselves, and deeds with which we must make peace to understand our present and assign it a new meaning. It is through the figure of the mermaids that Marta Troya establishes a journey of search and reconciliation. Water, always present in her life, is established as a mediating environment through which to grant a new meaning to the present, where everything is possible. This is how forgiveness arises, and pain transforms into resilience. Mermaids are the symbol of pain but also of the symbolic capacity to reconstruct the meaning of our lives, which flows like a marine current where it is possible to accept different onslaughts, as well as the resurgence to the surface and the warmth of the sun.

This exhibition is centered around the symbiosis with the marine environment and the stories that have been told to us by our ancestors. Marta Troya makes them her own and creates an environment in which to converge, accept, and resignify everything she has transitioned through. Pain cannot be forgotten, but it can be accepted. It is there where freedom resides, just like through each of the artist's works. Marta Troya's work speaks about the past of women through the figure of mermaids but also through her present. This is how she creates a discourse in which craftsmanship subscribes as a revalued space but underestimated by certain intellectual circles. Mermaids, craftsmanship, women's history, and the artist's personal resilience converge to once again grant value and dignity to what has been taken away.


Activities related to the project:

Guided tours led by the artist herself will take place during the months of March and April, along with a workshop scheduled for Saturday, March 16th (10:30 am - 2:00 pm), featuring the participation of Karmit EvenZur, a renowned oral storyteller and teacher at the International School of Storytelling in England. She will conduct an interactive session intertwining traditional tales with original narratives exploring extraordinary events starring underwater women.


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