Art projects

Freedom II

Freedom II

Yapci Ramos

Freedom focuses on the "silbo gomero," a whistled language practiced by the inhabitants of La Gomera (Canary Islands) to communicate in mountainous areas. The silbo transforms the vocalized sounds of any natural human language into recognizable tonal whistles over a distance. It's an ancestral language that traverses mountains and valleys to free us from the prisons we impose on ourselves. Symbolically, it can be identified with the struggle for gender equality and how such cultural practices can evolve to be more inclusive and representative of all voices and experiences regardless of gender, culture, or background.

Freedom I consists of a whistled dialogue (by Yapci Ramos) between two volcanic stones guided by their powerful energy. Imagining an alternative dialogue to historical memories, it directly connects us with narratives from pre-colonial lands, including the artist's people in the Canary Islands.

The Freedom II project aims to investigate the silbo gomero from a contemporary perspective through artistic practice and offer a different view of this ancestral practice using new technologies, such as artificial intelligence. Specifically, in this call, we will focus on developing an AI with the support of a specialist capable of interacting with the whistled language, particularly with the artist Yapci Ramos, who is studying to communicate through this language with a personal interest in delving into her Gomeran roots.

It is worth noting that this project corresponds to the artistic research line addressed from Monumenta, through which Yapci Ramos advocates for the ancestral woman through nine life-size Guanche incarnations that also manage to merge the past with the present. Freedom II sees itself as a branching out of this research process, moving from a formal strategy to a more symbolic one, always seeking to redefine its own culture from a feminist and disruptive perspective.

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