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Luz de intuición

Luz de intuición

Paloma Navares. Fundación ENAIRE

Image: Paloma Navares. Misuague. Geisha Song, 2009. [fragment] ENAIRE Collection of Contemporary


From May 29 to August 31, 2024

The exhibition "Light of Intuition" is a retrospective selection of her work, structured into three narrative groups.

In the first, Navares revisits classical works of art from a gender perspective, long before this approach was conceptualized. She firmly and poetically captures the everyday subtleties of the female condition.

In the second, she captures the beauty of Nature, enthroning it as Mother, a feminine metaphor. She delves endlessly into her concerns and the threads that lead her to a thousand narratives across countless cultures, once again highlighting the silent cry of women.

In the third, she addresses posthumanism, self-referencing, searching for Milenia, her creation, finding and recognizing that there are an infinite number of Milenias beyond posthumanism. Only she is capable of liberating women trapped in classical artworks, oppressive cultures, aesthetic models, and modifications demanded by current standards, and of exploring Artificial Intelligence with a feminist perspective.

The ENAIRE Foundation has awarded Paloma Navares the 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award for a life dedicated to artistic creation and the exploration of themes that, perceptively at first (light of intuition) and decisively later, have become a mantra without seeking it: the feminine universe.

Paloma Navares is a female reference in international art. The extraordinary power of Paloma Navares is that her work remains fully relevant through the decades, conscious, intuitive, and subtly provocative.


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