Art projects



Abril Carissimo y Florencia Alvarado

The proposal is framed within the Argentine context and arises from the anti-racist collective Identidad Marrón, composed of people of indigenous descent, which seeks to combat racial inequities and promote inclusion and social justice. Our intention is to merge theory with artistic practice to address the complexities of racialized identity in Argentina, challenging stereotypes and promoting social justice through art, validating personal experiences.

Drawing from Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak's theory on subalternity and Félix Guattari's concepts of becoming-woman and becoming-black, the proposal seeks to question colonial and racist dynamics present in the Argentine artistic sphere. It proposes the possibility of speaking about the experiences and contradictions of racialized women more freely, exploring artistic production as a tool for empowerment and expression.

The project is structured around an initial phase of research and community dialogue, followed by artistic production and exhibition. Priority is given to creating meeting spaces in peripheral neighborhoods to discuss issues focused on racialized femininity.

Through the formation of dialogue networks and the promotion of institutional critique, we aim to broaden access to relevant theoretical knowledge and foster critical thinking within and outside the artistic sphere. Reflective and critical artistic production is presented as a way to visualize and question the issues addressed.

The final exhibition of the works, research, and community activities aims to generate a lasting impact on local culture. We seek to democratize access to academic knowledge and promote active participation of racialized women in the artistic sphere.

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