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Profunda locura, herida de amor
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Profunda locura, herida de amor

Aïda Colmenero Dïaz

Ella Poema is a project co-created with 40 female creators from 15 countries under the artistic direction of Aïda Colmenero Dïaz. This revolutionary project, with its gender and postcolonial perspective, has been positioning young creators as artistic references on the international scene since 2013. To date, Ella Poema has produced 20 dance short films, 6 contemporary dance pieces, and photographic series of great beauty and visual power, inspired by poems written by poets such as Stella Díaz Varín, Rosario Castellanos, Ada Salas, Iosune de Goñi, and Fina García Marruz. The creators of Ella Poema, daughters of the revolution and the independence of a continent, are unique and pioneering artists who, from their particular geographical, cultural, and personal contexts, engage in individual and intimate creative processes to transform a literary score into body and audiovisual language, transgressing hegemonic artistic narratives to convey universal messages through a unique artistic manifestation. To date, Ella Poema's short films, photographic exhibitions, and stage works have been showcased in over 30 countries across Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

Aïda Colmenero Dïaz - a prominent Spanish creator with a unique avant-garde career, explores unconventional territories around the world with her overflowing multidisciplinary creative capacity. Born in Madrid with Galician ancestry, Aïda is an actress trained at the Cristina Rota Acting School and the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma, an activity she combines with her work as a filmmaker, visual artist, artistic director, curator, and choreographer. Her innovative projects have been exhibited in numerous museums, art galleries, centers, theaters, and festivals around the world, such as the San Francisco Dance Film Festival, the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, or the Museo de la Universidad de Navarra. In recent decades, Aïda has mentored multidisciplinary creators and has been invited as a director and artistic advisor on numerous projects in the creative sphere both nationally and internationally. Her bold commitment to innovation and education solidifies her position as a transformative force in the arts landscape. In 2021, she made history as the first Spanish creator to receive the prestigious Pina Bausch Fellowship for her outstanding repertoire. In 2024, she was appointed artistic director of the innovative Maisha project by the European Union delegation to the African Union.

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