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Si aún quieres ver algo…

Si aún quieres ver algo…

Image: View of the exhibition Eva Lootz. If you still want to see something... Credit: Guillermo Gumiel


From May 8 to July 21, 2024

The Sala Alcalá 31 dedicates the exhibition "If You Still Want to See Something..." to the artist Eva Lootz, delving into her reflections on resonance, light, and the limits of our perception. The exhibition features an installation that demonstrates how certain minerals and substances resonate with ultraviolet light, as well as a series of nearly 1,000 drawings.

Curated by Claudia Rodríguez-Ponga Linares, the exhibition proposes an essay on the phenomenon of resonance and, simultaneously, on the disappearance of the world as we knew it. The project refers to a moment when it becomes necessary to rethink matter and our relationship with it, questioning the dualisms inherent in Western modernity. On the first floor, the exhibition brings together a series of nearly 1,000 drawings that make the artist's thoughts visible. They also inform and support the installation on the ground floor, acting as a kind of philosophical network that combines sociology, anthropology, and philosophy to transcend the gap between culture and nature.

Eva Lootz is an Austrian visual artist who became a Spanish citizen and has lived in Spain since 1967. In 1994, she received the National Award for Plastic Arts, in 2009 the Tomás Francisco Prieto Award from the Royal Mint of Spain, in 2010 the MAV Award for Women in Visual Arts, in 2013 the Art and Patronage Award from the Art and Patronage Foundation, and in 2023 the Culture Award in the category of Plastic Arts granted by the Community of Madrid. Among her most recent exhibitions are The Song of the Earth (Tabacalera, Madrid, 2016), Cut Through the Fog (CGAC, Santiago de Compostela, 2016), The Reverse of Monuments and the Agony of Languages at the Patio Herreriano Museum and the National Sculpture Museum of Valladolid (Valladolid, 2020), and Intertwine, Wrinkle, and Follow the Thread at the Sala Kubo Kutxa (San Sebastián, 2024).


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