Art projects

Argamasa, plataforma sonora. Mariana Heredia, Carmen José y Marina Rengel Lucena.
Kassel | Madrid

Mortar, Sound Platform. Mariana Heredia, Carmen José and Marina Rengel Lucena

SELECTED project BMM2018

Argamasa, plataforma sonora [Mortar, Sound Platform] is a project by the collective comprising Mariana Heredia, Carmen José and Marina Rengel Lucena. Multiple voices converge on this sound platform through audio actions staged in different locations, accompanied by talks, soundscapes, the use of public space, artwork presentations and artists’ collectives.

It is a collection of freely associated fragments, consisting of readings, sound environments, talks or playlists and built around associations, people, initiatives and texts that challenge heteropatriarchal discourses, with several aims: PRESENTING a map of feminist points of reference; CREATING a network of spaces for dialogue where individuals can talk and be heard without fear of gender subordination or reduction; CONGLOMERATING contents via horizontal collective processes to achieve polyphonic unity; and PROMOTING a collective, free-association image bank through sound media to aid in the process of identity construction, rereading official history and offering references that facilitate alternative modern genealogies to identify us.

Argamasa Mörtel on Vimeo.

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